Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love to see the temple

a week ago wednesday, we went to the temple in orlando with some friends of ours. it was great. they have a 4 year old daughter who millie adores. her parents went in the temple for a couple hours while we watched the kids and then we went in for a couple hours while they watched the kids. we hung out at the temple for more than 4 hours! it was awesome. there is a peace and calm that only the temple can bring and i love having my children there walking around those sacred grounds with me. millie and her playmate had fun trying to catch lizards and when this got old (because lizards are quite fast), they found a worm! the worm was very entertaining and they played with it for over an hour. millie's friend's parents were surprised that their little girl touched the worm because she is usually a little too squirmish to do this. i've got pictures to prove it! i didn't want to show the little dear's face in any pics because i didn't ask her mama and daddy but here are some pics i felt would be okay to display to the world without permission from them. enjoy!


JR and Dani said...

Hm..I've put up so many pics of you guys up on my blog and I never even though to ask. Sorry!

JessWilson said...

Wow, I got really behind on your blog but now am all caught up! What fun adventures you and your family have been on. Congrats on your 8 year anniversary and I love all the stories about Millie! It's amazing how smart (and funny!) these little ones are at such a young age. :) Take Care!