Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the proposal :)

last night millie asked me why i wanted to marry dad when we got married. i proceeded to tell her about all the things i like about the guy (his eyes, his smile, his personality, his kindness towards me and others, etc.). she seemed content to know these things. then tonight she caught me off-guard when she asked me if i wanted a different husband someday. i told her no and i wanted to be married to her daddy forever and ever. surprisingly, she look a little disappointed. so a little later, i asked her why she asked me if i wanted a new husband. she then told me that she was hoping that when she grew up and became a man someday, that she was hoping to be able to marry me. yes, i was able to keep from laughing, but it was hard! we then had a discussion about how she will become a woman someday and that she can be a wife to a husband and that boy grow into men and that girls grow into women, etc. she then said, "is that because God made us that way?" and i answered "yes, that is why." it was a fun conversation :)

savannah is so proud to be walking now and is feeling quite independent at times. it's fun to see my little ones grow.


Maecy said...

I have had to have several conversations like this with my chitlins and I have to say that they still just don't get it. I still hear "Mom, I can't marry you or Bitty, but can I marry a boy?" This from Bryguy. It has become almost a daily thing about who or what they can and can't marry. Don't think this will be your last conversation!

eebs said...

HAha. I loved this story (also playing with a worm for an hour is pretty neat). Andrew (my brother) was really put out when my mom told him he couldn't grow up to be a mother himself. Kids are so neat.

smellame said...

What a hoot!