Tuesday, June 8, 2010

millie moments

millie is awesome and that's why i'm taking a minute to talk about the girl.

millie wants to be our little helper quite often and wants to help us "choose the right" because as much as we should be perfect examples to her all the time, we truthfully are not. we are imperfect parents (what did you expect?) and she is starting to realize that we need just as much guidance and direction as she does. when i say this, i mean in terms of our emotions,etc. anyways, if anyone knows me well, they will know that i get stressed often despite my best efforts to not. millie recently gave me one of her stuffed animals and told me it was my new pet and that it would comfort me when i needed it to. so now, anytime she can see that i am starting to get stressed about something, she talks me through it by reminding me "mommy, remember you have a new pet." this means, "calm down, if you would just remember that you have a pet to comfort you, then you could avoid all these stressful feelings and settle down." i love when she tells me this because it seems so funny that a stuffed animal would be the answer to all my problems and it always makes me smile and appreciate millie's outlook on life. i am also able to calm down and get ahold of myself better when she simply remind i have a new pet.

another story: when kyle got home from school today, i was telling him that i had felt stressed because of a list of reasons. among these reasons was that my computer was not working today so i wasn't able to write an email i wanted to write. about an hour after complaining about my day to kyle (no, i don't complain every night and i'm not always stressed- sometimes i'm a pleasant person to live with), millie came up to me and asked me if daddy's computer was broken or if it was just mine. i told her that daddy's computer still worked. she then asked me if i wanted to use his computer to write an email. i told her i would probably need to since mine wasn't working. i didn't start using his computer right then because i think i was occupied with the babe or something. the next thing i know, she is asking her daddy if i can use his computer to write an email to someone. i like this story because it shows me that she was trying to make my life easier and help solve a problem she was able to recognize would make me happy.

now i am off to bed :)


St. Julien's said...

What an incredible girl. I need a "new pet" to help me feel less stressed. As long as it is one of those stuffed ones that don't require maintenance:) She is so great you guys! (obviously you already know that)

Lisa Puga said...

So sweet!

Reed said...

Thanks for the good journal entry. I hope you will transfer it to paper some time because of the importance of your account. Who knows when this computer stuff will cause important things to vanish.
Glad to know my granddaughter better through your "excellence."