Sunday, July 4, 2010

millie's miracles

lately millie notices all the simple things in life and declares "what a blessing," or "that's a miracle!" quite often.

she left something outside for like 2 minutes while we went inside to get something we needed for a walk. when we came back, it was still there. she declared this a miracle because no one stole it while she was gone (a bike of ours was stolen a while back and now she is thankful anytime we still have possessions when they aren't locked up).

a caterpillar made a cocoon in her little bug cage and stayed in it for about 4 weeks. kyle and i had started to wonder if anything would ever come out of it. when millie heard us questioning, she always assured us that it would turn into a butterfly soon. well, the other day, we found a moth in the cage and realized the cocoon was empty. "it's a miacle!!" millie declared :0 it wasn't the butterfly she had been hoping for but she was satisfied with a moth.

we went swimming at a friends home recently. there were small frogs in their yard. millie was so excited because she loves to catch things (like frogs, dragonflies, butterflies, etc). she proceeded to catch one. she wanted to swim with the frog but we told her to put it back in the grass. i had already gotten in the pool with savannah while millie was playing with said frog and had neglected to put on millie's life jacket yet. my friend was still out of the pool with her kids too. i turned my back for just a moment, and the next thing i know, millie has fallen into the pool. i think she thought there were stairs where she tried to walk in she has never swam before (she usually wears a life jacket) but with no effort at all, she swam to the side of the pool and grabbed onto it. the first thing she did after that was hold up her right hand and excitedly yelled out "the frog saved my life and taught me how to swim!" despite all our urgings for her to put the frog back in the grass, she was still holding the frog and even swam with it. she declared this a miracle also. after we recovered from the shock of millie jumping in the water, we had a great laugh about the frog teaching millie how to swim. we put her life jacket on after that :)

she has declared many other miracles the last couple of weeks, but these are the ones i can remember at the moment.


Reed said...

Well, Millie is a little miracle! Thanks for the good account! Glad you all had fun.

nicole said...

Great stories! That's so sweet that Millie puts the credit where it should be. =)

Lisa Puga said...

Oh, tender!