Sunday, August 3, 2008

Thank you for visiting Ann Arbor

We have been enjoying beautiful weather and it couldn't have come at a better time. Kyle's family came to stay with us this last week and it was nice that they got to enjoy Ann Arbor at its finest. We spent time with them doing various things around town. Kyle's bros Kurt and Kasey were the first ones to arrive here. They stayed from Friday to Thursday. Then Kyle's parents Lanell and Kerry and his sister Kohleen came from Tuesday to Saturday. So, the whole family was together for about 2 days.

With Kyle's bros, we...

- went to see the movie Hancock
- went to Gallop park (a beautiful park by the Huron river with lots of walking trails, etc)
- went to the Firefly Jazz club to listen to jazz
- Kyle, Kasey, and Kurt a driving range to hone-up their golf skills
- went to the farmer's market downtown wednesday
- ate Indian food downtown
- sat around relaxing and watching silly Millie

With Kyle's family, we...

- had a boys and girls night the first night we were together (Tuesday)
- the boys went to Connor O'Neils- an Irish eatery
- the boys (Kyle, Kurt, Kasey, and Kerry) went golfing
- the boys went to see the new Batman movie together
- the girls went to the Olive Garden to eat
- the girls went to the store to buy new nail polish- Millie chose a beautiful shade of pink and a royal red for us
- the girls painted nails- we were too tired to paint anyone's nails but Millie's
- Millie read books with Grandma Reeder
- the girls watched a movie- Lanell and I were sent to bed by Kohleen because we looked like zombies

We also...

- went to the farmer's market saturday
- walked on main street downtown- visited our favorite store, Ten Thousand Villages (we love it because it's 100% fair trade and everything is purchased from and hand made by villagers in underdeveloped countries)
- ate Greek food
- went swimming in our apartment complexes pool and got to witness Kurt, Kasey, and Kyle do amazing cannon-balls
- took Kurt and Kasey back to the airport
- visited the Detroit Institute of Arts (which is known as one of the best art museums in the nation). Millie got to touch a bronze donkey at the museum. She loved the donkey and aunt Kohleen purchased her a coin with a donkey on it at the gift shop- she loves the coin too because she already loved coin a lot.
- went to Plymouth Township Park- a park with fountains for kids to run through and fun sandboxes
- went to Greenfield Village (Greenfield Village is considered the first and largest outdoor museum in America. Nearly one hundred historical buildings were moved to the property from their original locations and arranged in a "village" setting. The museum's intent is to show how Americans lived and worked since the founding of the country. The Village includes buildings from the 17th century to the present, many of which are staffed by costumed interpreters who conduct period tasks like farming, sewing and cooking. A collection of craft buildings such as pottery, glass-blowing, and tin shops provide demonstrations while producing materials used in the Village and for sale. Greenfield Village has 240 acres (970,000 m²) of land of which only 90 acres (360,000 m²) are used for the attraction, the rest being forest, river and extra pasture for the sheep and horses.--- This is much for info than you wanted, but you got it anyways)
- Played at the park with Millie
- Visited Kyle at the library on Saturday where he was working so Lanell, Kerry, and Kohleen could hug him goodbye

Well, there you have it, we had a fun week!


Beth said...

I wish we had a reason to go to Ann Arbor so that we could do all those cool things with you guys. I'm super interested in that 10,000 villages place. Thanks for the update.

just nikki said...

Millie is a cutie pance and cannon balls are funny. Did you swim?

smellame said...

Tye! Looks like a good time! Love you!

cedar said...

Millie is older than the sea. want to see you guys soon. when will our paths cross again??!

Shaybaybobay said...

Hi Tye! Millie is such a happy girl. I love her.

plugalong said...

Sounds like so much fun! You know, in the 4th picture from the bottom Millie looks so much like Maecey!

inanechatter said...

That Millie what a beauty. It sounds like you had a great time and I'm glad the weather cooperated!

hsjulien said...

TYLE:) Hey friends with the most adorable girl that has grown, groWN, GROWN!! Millie is so adorable and tan. She looks so huggable. Ann Arbor looks like FUN, wish we could visit. Glad to find your blog. We(well mostly me--Heidi)are blogging a bit ourselves, I'm excited to be in better touch with your lives!!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

hi Tye! you look great. Millie is definitely Guymon. i found your blog through Nikki's. so glad i did! (now i can stalk you) :)

Lilly said...

Look at darling Millie with her white hair!! Jealousy! My children are destined to be dark and mysterious creatures. I look nothing like them and will always look like the nanny when we go out. I'm so glad I found your blog!! Mine is Be there or be square!