Wednesday, March 17, 2010

millie's 4th birthday at the beach

Back on March 5, Millie had her 4th birthday. She is so proud of herself for growing up to be a big 4 year old. She is so much fun.

General update on Millie:
* She has been going to speech therapy for a couple of months and her teachers are very impressed with her improvements- and Millie is getting more and more confident with herself and her talking abilities :) She really looks forward to going to "school" (this is what we call speech therapy) and working hard.
* she is happy to be able to pick up Savannah all by herself and tote her around safely (the rule still stands that mom or dad need to be right there in case there's a problem)
* She frequently pretends she is a rabbit and enjoy eating carrots and lettuce while in the act
* LOVES going to the library and making friends with the librarians and storytellers there (she is shy so usually makes friends vicariously through her mother and smiley sister)
* She's really into the Statue of Liberty after her interest was sparked by seeing a small version of it and asking questions about it. We have an encyclopedia, you see, so she can ask questions about many things and we can consult the books.
* She is awesome!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Reeder came to visit us at the time of Millie's birthday and we decided to go to the beach on March 5 for Millie's birthday. Here are some pictures of the fun that was had that day. I hope you enjoy :)

Soon to come... pictures from Millie's friend birthday party, disney world, alligator sightings, etc.


JR and Dani said...

OH CUTE pictures!!! Oh, the girls are so adorable!

nicole said...

love the pictures! I can't believe how old Millie is getting to be! Happy Birthday Millie!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Happy Birthday Millie! How fun to spend it on the beach!


just nikki said...

I wish I could have spent my birthday on the beach!

The Statue of Liberty would pique my interest, too. I'm glad you have encyclopedias. I just Wikipedia everything.

JessWilson said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy belated Birthday Millie!

smellame said...

Yous guys look great! I can't believe that Millie is 4!