Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another One

Hello all!

Yesterday our family went to the Orlando Temple in the morning and then met our friends at Disney World in the afternoon. It was a long but very nice day. We are posting more pictures from Kyle's parents' trip here a couple of weeks ago. The first set of pictures are at a walking trail in south Gainesville where you can go and see alligators, very exciting. The second set is of Millie's birthday party. Loves to all.

Here are pictures from Millie's birthday party.


Shaybaybobay said...

Every time I see 'Bana I want to hug and kiss her little cheeks!!
I'm glad you guys had a nice visit. Tell Millie that we're looking forward to Disney World
I can't believe she's 4!

smellame said...

Hi Tye! I want to go to Disney World!, nj

smellame said...

( The comma nj were Molly's contribution.)

Maecy said...

You look like Julie Andrews with your shortie hare.(schpelled that way intentionally. tee hee)Very coot.