Tuesday, January 26, 2010

am i lucky or just blessed?!

here's the update on my organization goals:

saturday night came around and i didn't finish savannah's closet and room. sunday is a day of rest from stuff like this. so i decided when monday came around that i would definitely get it done.

i didn't get to it. it's hard enough for me to keep up on dishes and laundry. which, by the way, i have been doing really well at (so i should take a moment to pat myself on the back for that rather than worrying about not getting organization done). then today came around and i wondered how i would get it done, or get to the rest of my goals.

then i get a text from my friend dawn, wondering if i would like her to come down and organize savannah's room and closet for me. i had mentioned a couple days ago that i wanted to get it done but that it would be a challenge for me. she said that she loves to organize and would love to come and do it sometime.

so, i let her! i was a little embarrassed and hesitant to show her the mess and let her have at it, but i humbled myself and let her do it. i helped her move stuff around and she directed me on how to organize it all. she seemed to enjoy herself and i am sooooo pleased with the outcome! now i'm not tripping over all sorts of stuff when i go in there. and i know where to find anything i want :)

she's ready to come back tomorrow to help me with my bedroom closet and anything else we can get done. i am soooo lucky and sooooo blessed to have a friend like this.

the funny thing is that no matter where i live, there is always someone (or several someones) that come to the rescue and help me clean up and get organized. anyone who really knows me knows that organization definitely does not come naturally to me and i am convinced that god sends me angels! i am truly grateful for the angels in my life! Thanks to you, you know who you are! (basically anyone can consider themselves an angel if they've helped me in any way ever- go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back- and let me know if i can do something for you)

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just nikki said...

I remember when we shared a room and I'd have to help you clean/organize your side of the room. Good times. I'm glad you have someone that will help you now!