Monday, November 2, 2009

This is our life...

Grandma Miles wrote us a couple weeks ago with a few inquiries... So I thought I'd take a few minutes to touch the topics she's been wondering about, along with photos of the girls on halloween and other stuff.

Grandma's words...
We are eager to hear more of your Florida adventures and see more photos. Has Millie learned that she has friends in Florida too? We heard that she didn't want to go to Primary after the first time because her friends were not there. How are you all adjusting to a new life in a new place?

My answers...
We have had many adventures in Florida.
* One of which goes like this: We went with some friends to snorkel at Alexander Springs a couple weeks ago. We saw our first alligator IN THE SPRINGS!!! We didn't discover it until we were already in the water. The alligator was way far away and the springs were perfectly clear so we could tell that there was no alligator close to us. They had the "safe" part of the springs sectioned off so that swimmers would know where the alligators don't go- should we really believe they won't come where we are?! This alligator was following the "rules" and was outside "our" swimming area, but I don't think I could do that again now that I know there are alligators anywhere near where I might be!
P.S. snorkeling is AWESOME! This was my first time and it was so fun to see the fish and the springs under the water.
* trick or treating was NOT cold at all. It's weird to Kyle and me that the rest of the "normal" world is getting cold or is already cold and that we are still in a beautiful paradise of wonderful weather. The thought makes me want to giggle!

On to the next question...
Has Millie learned that she has friends in Florida too? We heard that she didn't want to go to Primary (nursery) after the first time because her friends were not there.
- Millie actually did fine for the first 4 or so times of going to nursery, even though we could tell she had more anxiety than usual. But one day she did NOT want to go alone and our family had a stressful day (because we've always had the policy that we will not go to class with her and she cannot go to class with us and she's NEVER had a problem with us leaving until this one random Sunday- so we felt like we didn't know what to do). She may not have liked it because there aren't very many kids her age- they're all a lot younger than her and in Ann Arbor, there were many children her age. But, things are going much better now, and she will get to go to the Sunbeam class starting in January and she'll be with kids more her age.

How are you all adjusting to a new life in a new place?
* Life here is great. I always feel like I am not at home somewhere until I have a few really good friends. Once I have good friends, I'm happy and feel like I can survive. I am happy to report that we have started to develop many good friends now and that life is going well. Kyle has made friends with fellow school mates and I've made friends with moms and kids at the library. We've also made some good friends at church. One of the nice things about our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is that the meeting time and place of every congregation (ward) throughout the world is determined by a person's geographic location. So when you move, there's one less thing to think about- you already know where to go and you don't have to search for a minister (or bishop in our case) or congregation (ward) that you like because you already know where to go and then you just show up and get busy making friends with everyone that's there.
* Kyle and I have started to sing in our church's choir and we are enjoying that (maybe it's because they have volunteers who watch the children for those that come to the practices!)
* Millie enjoys church playgroups, the library, riding her tricycle, going to the park, playing with her many friends here, having family home evenings, picking up acorns,dancing, singing, jumping, learning to sew (we are making a pillow together with REAL needles- suggested by aunt Maecy), playing dress up, cooking her own meals, pretending she's a baby, etc.
* Savannah is generally a very happy baby. She smiles a lot, coos a lot, sleeps a lot, and has begun to giggle a lot (she started giggling about a month ago but it didn't become a regular thing until recently). She likes sucking on her hand, but especially her middle finger and ring finger. When she sucks on these fingers, it looks like she's signing "love." I took a picture of her sleeping this way for your viewing pleasure. She is also trying desperately to get her toes in her mouth. I guess her fingers are not satisfying enough. She gets a hold of her foot and bring it towards her mouth and then just as her toes are about in her mouth, she accidentally lets go and gets her hand instead- how frustrating!
She also enjoys going on rides with her sister Millie. Millie is usually wearing a dress. One day Millie wanted to hold Savannah, so I put her on Millie's lap on the floor. She ended up in between Millie's legs. Millie started scooting backwards on her bum and Savannah got to rides around in between Millie's legs on the dress. They both seemed to enjoy this.
* Kyle is surviving another year of school and enjoying his little family. He loves the times when Millie decides to give him a hug (she doesn't always want to do this). He likes watching Florida football games with our neighbors and playing church basketball with the guys at church. He helps me a lot around the house and with dinners. He is not missing the cold weather in Utah or Michigan- he loves it here and is planning to fix his bike soon so he can ride it to school. Kyle has also enjoyed reading the most recent "Wheel of Time" book that he got for his birthday in October. Lastly, he is the Elder's Quorum secretary (the guy that helps the men's organization at church be organized) at church. This keeps him busy but he enjoys it a lot. He likes having the opportunity to help out because him and the other leaders make time to do service together and to d play tennis and play guitar hero, etc. (and of course have meetings).
* I have been enjoying playing with my girls and spending time with Kyle when he's home from school. I have found a free yoga class at the library that is enjoyable to go to (and as much as I love them, it's great to get a break from my precious girls). I have been called (asked) to be a Relief Society instructor in our ward (a teacher of the women's class at church) and I teach for the first time this coming Sunday. I have to admit that I LOVE THIS WEATHER too! How liberating to live is such a place :)

Sorry that she looks upside down- I was too lazy to fix it. This is Savannah sucking on her middle and ring fingers- so cute!

Here's the story: Millie does not nap anymore but she does "quiet time" where she plays quietly in her room for a couple hours every day. Some how she got a hold of a pair of scissors and took them into quiet time with her. When she came out of quiet time, her dress look like this. Kyle was home and asked her why she cut her dress. She said simply "I needed another cape, so I made one." She knows she shouldn't cut clothes, but we couldn't help but laugh a little. I have now decided to teach her how to sew (or let her watch me, even though I DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO SEW!- but don't let her know that). We're making a pillow together and sewing on buttons and random pieces of material that she cuts out, etc.

Millie as tinkerbell- she wore this costume 2 times- once at the church's party (and she didn't paint her face that night) and once on the actual Halloween night (when she decided she wanted to paint her face with finger paints)

Savannah was flower for Halloween. We went to the ward Halloween party at the church with our upstairs neighbors. We also went trick or treating with them, which was a lot of fun :)

Sweet Savannah!

Kyle and Savannah asleep in the living room. So sweet :)

Well, this was much more than a little note. If you were patient enough to read all my blabber, I congratulate you. If not, thanks for stopping by anyways! :)


just nikki said...

1. Alligators. That's scary.
2. Millie's newfound/made cape. Brilliant.
3. Savannah is adorable.
4. This WAS a really long post and I read every word.

Lanell said...

Thanks for the news and the photos. I love your stories. If Millie had told me she needed another cape so she made one, I would have died laughing, I'm glad you both have more self-control. That's so fun you're sewing a pillow together! Thanks for taking so much time to share with us. Your Mom and Dad said they saw Don and Amy, How fun. Love from Lanell.

plugalong said...

lol! I too love Millies cape. Florida sounds nice. And warm.
Except for alligators.

Clark Family said...

I think you have heard me say before that I have a "Tye battery." It needs to be recharged once in a while and that post really helped. I miss you!!