Wednesday, October 28, 2009

our girls

i'm not posting pics right now because i need to get to bed, but here's a few pieces of info ya'll might be interested in knowin'

- we got a tinkerbell outfit in the mail from her grandma miles today. She was soooo happy! i found her in my room after we put it on kneeling on the floor saying a prayer out loud saying thank you to Heavenly Father for her grandma sending the tinkerbell outfit to her. this was fun to hear because she is rarely interested in praying when we say prayers together.
- she has been TERRIFIED of the water at the ocean the 2 times we've gone and hasn't wanted to get in it at all. She told me today that she is not scared of the ocean anymore because she prayed to Heavenly Father and he helped her to not be afraid anymore.
- we have an activity book that she enjoys doing stuff in. There's some very simple mazes. She asked to try one so I explained how to do it. There was a space ship trying to get to a planet. After I explained the concept of it (not going over the lines, etc) she simply said "Why doesn't he just fly over the lines?" Good point. Why do we need to go through the maze at all if we're flying? But I just told her that he really is flying, but he needs to go around all the lines while get there.

- The latest news about this little sweetie is that she has learned to roll over. She's been doing it for about 3 days now. She can roll from her back to her tummy, but then she gets frustrated because she doesn't know how to get back onto her back. So then she scoots around the room on her face (by this time, she's crying and I rescue her from her misery). She was only 3 months old on the 19th. Isn't 3 months kind of early to roll over? It seems like babies usually do it later.
- She is a great baby and Millie adores her.
- When she was first born, Millie was excited about it, but after about a week, the excitement faded. She wasn't mean to Savannah and she didn't act jealous, but she didn't really show much interest in her. But a couple weeks ago, we went to Utah to visit family and after seeing the other kids interact with her, one day she started to show interest in her and hasn't turned back since. Every morning she wants to "hold" Savannah and talk to her, dance for her, smile at her, etc. It's fun to see them together.


Carrie Hellewell said...

Millie sounds so darn cute! Roxie had the same reaction to Peter. Love at first and then disinterest. Things got sooo much better once Peter started making noises and especially crawling. And I agree, it does seem early for Savannah to start rolling over. Maybe she'll crawl sooner too!

just nikki said...

I miss them so much! And you and Kyle, of course. You have some cute girlies.

cedar said...

Those Millie prayer stories break my heart. CUTE!!!

smellame said...

Millie and her praying - so cute! And way to go Savannah rolling over! I think a lot babies don't roll over til like 4-5 months or something. It's crazy thinking about you guys hanging out at the beach in all that sunshiney warm weather when it's so cold here. I just got back from delivering halloween ward party fliers; thought my hands were going to fall off they were so frozen.

nicole said...

thanks for the updates~trying to picture Millie praying and it paints a cute picture!

Maxfields said...

Millie is such a sweetie! We totally miss her!