Thursday, August 20, 2009

Full of Thanksgiving

Our family is soo grateful for the many people who helped us before and after Savannah's birth. I struggled throughout the pregnancy for various reasons... pretty bad morning sickness for 3 months, completing a 200 hour internship, having a pinched siatic nerve for the last 5 months of my pregnancy, and pretty bad depression for the last 5 months of pregnancy. Update: the morning sickness is obviously gone, the siatic nerve is feeling much, much better, and there hasn't been much depression since Savannah was born (hopefully that continues after Kyle goes to school and I have to figure out how to handle 2 all by myself- but I'm sure the good Lord will look after our family and help us all).

We have most recently been very blessed by the help my sweet mother who arrived on June 10 in Ann Arbor to help me make it through the remainder of my pregnancy (I was due July 26 and Savannah graced us with her presence July 19- thank goodness for early babies!), and helped with our new baby and her sister Millie, came with us to Florida and a Disney World vacation, and helped us get settled in our new place in Gainesville. She just went home to Utah yesterday (gone over 2 months!) to the delight of all the Utahans who have missed her while she's been with us.

Tomorrow I will post more info about people I am thankful for and more pictures, but tonight, I want to dedicate to my mommy, Grandma Guymon :)


matt and nicole said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a hard time during your pregnancy. =( I'm glad that things are starting to look up though, and hope that they continue that way for you guys. I can't wait to see baby pictures! And I can't believe you're in FL now~how are you adjusting?

Clark Family said...

Tye- It was great to hear from you on the phone today! You are always an inspiration! Thank goodness for your blog posts too. love love love the new photos!