Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kyle's Graduation and Other Stuff

Kyle's graduated from Law School a couple of weeks ago. Kyle's Mom and Dad flew in for the graduation which made the week feel special. Below is a picture of Kyle and his friends Greg and Chris.

And another picture of all of us and Kyle's parents.

In front of Kyle's school, there is (was) a statue of Mary and a young Jesus. Millie loved the statue and always would go up and talk to Mary and Jesus. It is really sweet how much Millie likes Mary. She still will put blankets over her head and pretend she is Mary. Her liking of Mary probably stems from both her playing the part of Mary at Kyle's grandparents house at Christmas, and from being around a Catholic school.

Here is Millie reading with Grandpa Reeder.

And cooking Grandpa some "dinner" at the park

Millie and her first smore.

While Grandma Reeder was here, Millie and her bought some flowers at the farmer's market and planted them together in front of our apartment.

The weekend of Kyle's graduation and the week after with Kyle's mom was a lot of fun. That's all for now.


just nikki said...

Kyle's a genius.

Millie's obsession with Mary makes me laugh.

Elijah and Jenny said...

So sweet- Congrats Kyle!! We miss you guys tons-

Maxfields said...

Congrats!!! We totally miss you girls!!I hope you are having a great summer!

smellame said...

Way to go you guys!

Beth said...

What a big accomplishment! Good job.
Thanks for posting. I love seeing what you guys are up to!

Wilson Family said...

Congratulations to Kyle! How exciting that he's done! Tye you look adorable with your blossoming belly :) We sure miss you and we hope you have a great summer!

just nikki said...

Do the ABC post!