Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maecy and Abby visit us!

Maecy and Abby, my sister and her daughter, just flew back to Utah yesterday after a wonderful visit here. Maecy was kind enough to ask for THREE WEEKS off of work to come hang out with Millie and I while Kyle got through the last stretch of school and was gone a lot. She helped me to FINISH MY INTERNSHIP!!!! YEAH! (if you want to see a sample of some of my internship work, you can visit my other blog,, Maecy also helped me organize and de-junk A LOT! She helped me with grocery shopping and every day house cleaning and was a reinforcement to me when I was feeling too tired to enforce the rules of the house with my sweet Millie. This pregnancy has been a rough one, that's for sure, and it was so so so wonderful to have Maecy and Abby come and be with our family for a while to help us through some difficult weeks.
It was fun to have Millie and Abby play together and get to know each other better. By the time Maecy and Abby went home, it felt like our two little stinkers were sisters- they did everything together, from taking baths, playing play-dough, to laughing about everything imaginable, kicking each other under the table, fighting over stickers, harassing each other during quiet time, hugging each other after disagreements, reading together (Abby would read to Millie in the morning when nobody else wanted to get up with her at 6:30 am and Millie felt quite special about this), building forts inside with blankets (it eventually became a rule that they could not build forts together because Millie would always destroy them and Abby would be devastated that Millie would destroy something she put so much work into and she'd get emotional about it), learning to share with each other, the one particular night when Millie refused to go to sleep until really late when Maecy was kind enough to put her to bed (I was teaching yoga) and instead of sleeping she resorted to throwing books at Abby's head while Abby was sleeping, playing hide and go seek, pretending to be mommy's to Millie's 2 babies, Leo and Bitty (something that is not common for Abby to do), and finally Millie crying and missing Abby so much when she went home. When we dropped Maecy and Abby off at the airport, Abby gave Millie a hug and kiss and Millie immediately started crying- she completely lost it! She was just as much of a basket-case as I was! We decided to go to Greenfield Village on the way back from the airport so Millie and I could get our minds off of how sad we were that Maecy and Abby had gone home. The whole way to Greenfield Village, Millie and I could not stop crying and Millie kept on saying "I need Maecy and Abby, Abby, Abby, Abby, Abby...." Once we got there, Millie and I had red eyes, but we cheered up as we did fun things with Kyle. Millie took a really long nap when we got home and when she woke up, she was playing was her toys. I wanted to talk to her about something, so I yelled "Millie, where are you?" She responded, "I'm in Abby's room." This was funny- She was in her closet, but the whole time Maecy and Abby were here, they slept in Millie's closet, so Millie thought of it as their room. It may sound very un-hospitable of us to stick them in the closet, but it was Maecy's idea, and Millie's walk in closet is big enough to fit a futon mattress, so they claimed they were comfortable and had plenty of room. We definitely miss Maecy and Abby, but we are glad they can be with their husband and daddy Kenneth again- I'm sure he wanted them back, so we had to surrender them.
I hope you enjoy the many pictures below. I was sad that we never got a picture of Abby reading to Millie- that would have been cute. And we also don't have pictures of when we went to Greenfield Village with them (we went with my friend and she took a bunch of pics but we needs to get them from her).

Millie and Abby enjoyed having their bodies traced and then coloring these papers.


smellame said...

How fun!! I love all the pictures! I'm sorry you've been having a hard pregnancy. Megan's been having a particularly rough go of it as well. When abouts are you due again? And when is the move coming up? Good luck with it all!!

smellame said...

Oh yes, and way to go with finishing your internship!

cedar said...

millie is so cute. she reminds me so much of you. ha. abby is a cute one as well. I'm glad Maecy could come out and be there for support. I love love you.

Jenny Nielson said...

What cool memories! I am sure you will treasure that time together forever. We will miss you guys tons but look forward to staying in touch via your blog. Thanks for the post and keep 'em coming!! ;)

Maxfields said...

It looks like you made so awesome memories. I am so happy for you that your time together has be so great.

We sure are going to miss you guys!!!

Big Hugs!!

just nikki said...

Those pictures are great! I love the ones where Abby's hiding. HILarious. Wish I could come out there!

P.S. Good idea, riding in the mobile shopping cart. Brilliant.