Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny Millie

Well, the days pass and Millie is a funny 3 year old and I pretty much don't ever record the funny things she says. So here's a few funnies...

So, we are having a baby girl around July 26ish and we are think about naming the baby Savannah (but don't start calling it that yet- we're not quite sure). We've told Millie about the idea of this name and she's seemed excited about it and has started calling my tummy "Bannah." Today she was talking to Bannah and I wanted to see if she could say the full name so I said, "Millie, can you say 'Sa-Vannah'"? So she repeated "Sa-Bannah" and I told her good job. After this, she looked at me and asked, "Mommy, why Sa?" I told her that "Sa" sounds pretty as the beginning of the name Savannah. After this she commented by saying, "Momma, I Sa-Millie." She looked very happy about this so I played along with her and said "Yes, Sa-Millie does sound pretty too!"

Also today, Millie was on the toilet taking care of some business. I was sitting on the stool next to her waiting for her to finish. She was close enough that she could easily touch me. She reached over and very gently put her hand under my chin and oh-so-carefully lifted it up. Then she proceeded to gaze into my eyes and caress my face. After doing this for probably 30 seconds, she said very seriously, "Momma, you very special to me." This was a cute and it's nice to hear that she loves me :)

A week or so ago, Millie was sitting at the table eating lunch. She looked at me very seriously and said, "Momma, do you love me?" She seemed to really need to know this so I talked to her about how much I love her so she would be sure of it.

Well, there's a few Millie moments for you. I hope to post them more often so we don't forget what our sweet girl is doing and saying from day to day.


matt and nicole said...

So sweet! Definitely post more of these~I've been meaning to myself. These are the cute and funny and sweet things about our babies that can quickly fade from memories, but are so wonderful if we can cherish them for years and years to come!

Wilson Family said...

Congratulations on having another little girl! Millie is sure a cute one! I hope you are having a great time :)

just nikki said...

I love the Sa-Millie story. Laughed so hard. She's a clever one!