Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flash Back

Hello family and friends,

We never had the chance to post a blog about Millie's B-Day party so . . . we thought we would do it now.

Here is Millie and Elle munching on some pizza at the Party. Got to love the hats:)

Millie and her friend Haru

Here is Tye missing a picture of Millie blowing out her candles, but getting a lovely profile shot of Kyle.

Millie loved the cupcakes we made for her birthday (well . . . at least she liked the frosting on the cupcakes).

Here is Millie with her good friend Lannie being silly as always.

Here is Millie looking at all the cards she received on her birthday. She was quite pleased.

The next two pictures are of Millie doing crafts and eating lunch with Tye at the U of Michigan Botanical Gardens.

As always, thanks for reading the blog and catching up on our lives. Life's a roller coaster, but it's always so much fun with Millie.


The Reeders

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