Sunday, November 30, 2008

winter fun

I took Millie and her friend Haru to the park the other day. They played at the park for about 5 minutes and then decided it would be more fun to wander off into the woods and climb over tree trunks, chase squirrels, and crawl around on the forest floor. They had a great time and had a lot of good laughs together.

Below are some pics of two different days when Millie wanted to eat avacados. She loved them when she was a baby, but hasn't been too interested in them for a while. But recently, she's decided they're good again.

Life if good for us. It's pretty cold here now, but the snow is beautiful and it's actually staying rather than melting and looking like slush.

Kyle took Millie to get her blood drawn on Saturday because the doc's office called and wanted us to bring her in because she's never been tested for lead poisoning and they want all children to be. Anyways, Kyle was a bit nervous to be the "mean guy" rather than the nice daddy (usually on Sat mornings he takes her on fun dates, but never to do something brutal like having her blood drawn). But after all the worries, Millie did great and Kyle survived too. Kyle help lay Millie down on a table and held one arm down. Then so she wouldn't watch them stick the needle in, he put his hand on the other side of her face and turned it towards him and talked to her while the nurse did the shot. He said she didn't even notice it. She got a big bandage with gauze wrapped around her arm. She LOVED it and didn't want us to take it off. So we let her wear it for the rest of the day and through the night, but the next morning we took it off.

We are excited to visit family for Christmas in just a couple weeks. It will be fun to see the mountains again and to see everyone.


just nikki said...

It hasn't snowed here yet, really. Just a few sprinklings that melt in an hour. It's pretty crazy.

Also, hurry up and get here.

smellame said...

Yay that you are coming! And way to be a trooper Millie! I hate being the one holding Molly down when she gets her shots and she looks up at me all confused and hurt. So sad. Her six month shots were particularly horrible. They left bruises and everything.