Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reeder Happenings!

Here is our little Millie-kins making birthday cards for Grandpa Guymon and Reeder at the beginning of September. She enjoyed this a whole lot. She started singing "happy birthday to you" for the first time that day. She sings it "aaaahhhh dur- day- oooooo." After we made cards that day, I think she might have thought it was her birthday because when we sat down to eat dinner a couple hours later, she cried because we weren't having any birthday cake.

Millie really enjoyed sitting on Rosa Park's bus at the Henry Ford Museum. We let her wander around the museum by herself (with us walking behind her) and she felt like such a big girl. The Henry Ford museum is huge, and we only saw a litte bit of it this day. We plan on going back soon.

Millie is in front of Greenfield Village here. She really enjoyed giving the card to the lady at the gate. This day we went with the Ashcrafts (the Husband, Chris, goes to school with Kyle). Jenn and Chris have 2 kids, Reagan (about 6) and Spenser (14), Millie likes them both. Spenser watches Millie sometimes. Millie likes hangin around an older girl.

I believe that this is the first picture that Millie has actually posed for, aside from stuidios with Grandma Reeder. We asked her if she wanted her picture taken, she said yes steped back and gave us a nice cheesy smile.

As we are taking Amtrak back to Utah for Christmas, we are trying to get Millie excited for the train ride. Kyle and Millie like watching train videos on Youtube, and Millie especially likes riding the steam train at Greenfield Village, as you can see here. She'll have fun watching train videos with Grandpa Reeder at Christmas time (because he is a train fanatic!).

Mille loves this duck at the park behind our apartment. When we go to the park she always smiles, points, and says "duck!" As of a few weeks ago she likes to get on by herself and will have no part in Mom or Dad helping her get up or down. She hasn't fallen yet, but we're waiting.

Mille has become a very good ladder climber, much like her Grandpa Guymon (electricain extraordinaire!). Maybe she'll give Grandpa some pointers when she sees him next:)! Hopefully she sticks to small ladders for the time being.

We love you all and hope you have enjoyed the pictures. Until next time.....bye.

Love the Reeders!


matt & nicole said...

Millie looks like she's grown already and its only been about a month since I've seen her! Can't believe it...looks like you guys had fun! =) Miss you!

cedar said...

kids on playgrounds kind of stress me out. They're always going "look what I can do!!" and I'm just thinking "please don't die"

millie's mother said...

suprisingly, most children on playgrounds stress me out, but not my own. she is usually overly cautious. i'm glad about that. then i don't have to worry so much.

just nikki said...

Dang, she's cute! I'm so excited for December! For multiple reasons...
But really I'm SO excited to see you guys again.

~Sherry (Bear) and Stephen (Wolf) said...

Oh wow, your little one is growing up...has it really been that long since you moved. What a cute family you have. (Just found your blog made me happy.)

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my blog. It was very informative!

Jill said...

Tye, I can't believe how much Millie looks like you... she is adorable. Are you visiting Utah soon? I'll probably see you guys at church. :) Cute pictures!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Sure thing! Thanks for the support!