Thursday, September 6, 2007

Birthday wishes!

Happy birthday to Rebecca Lark Smith Meeks!!
You are loved by someone in Michigan very much.
Have a good one.
You have been briefed.
Tye Marie


smellame said...

I didn't know that today is Becca's b-day, so happy birthday to you! And yeeha - Tye updated her blog! Have a good one heads!

smellame said...

That is, was Becca's birthday. I'm a durhead. Anyway, the latest pictures of you all are so much fun. It's really neat about your new friend Wie (Wei?) too.

cedar said...

hi tye-pie. whaat's up? I love you lots

just nikki said...

Happy birthday to Becca. And Happy Day because Tye finally wrote on her blog. You've been tagged on mine, Twitatronco.

millie's mother said...

erin e. beck-
right back at you (my love, that is.) i like-a-your-blog-a.