Thursday, May 10, 2007

What time is it?

It's 2:00 am. Why am I awake? Well, I just don't know. I watched a movie tonight with Quinn, Maecy, Mom, and Dad (A Knight's Tale) and afterwards went to go to sleep (11:00) and haven't been able to get any of it (sleep). I do not feel tired, that's for sure. I'm just annoyed that I can't sleep because I want to and there's nothing else that sounds as wonderful as sleep. I just hope I'm not awake all night- it's definitely a possibility that I would be because it's happened before. Luckily I probably won't be tired until Friday because I'm not usually too tired the day after a really bad night's sleep. I think this is because the body naturally releases hormones that make you super awake when you're sleep deprived, but this only happens for so long. Eventually you get very tired and maybe even a little cranky and have to make up some of the lost sleep. I've tried reading, singing hymns, relaxing (not very effective at 2:00 am), eating cereal, just sitting, making myself lay in bed, turning on a fan, etc. and here I am feeling just as awake and wired as ever. I haven't had a night like this in a long time so I guess I had it coming to me.
Now I will talk about school. I am enjoying my classes thus far. My substance abuse and addictions class is quite interesting. Now that I have learned more about addictions and what happens in the brain when someone becomes addicted to something, I will be more understanding of those that have addictions. Drugs literally do alter the chemical processes of the brain and make it almost impossible for someone addicted to drugs to stop- this is why professional help is there for these people. My other class is intro to epidemiology. I wasn't very excited to take this class because I thought it would be boring- but I was wrong, it is very interesting to me.
Hmmm... what should I say at 2:15 am. I'm so excited to see Kyle this Friday. He will be getting here at almost midnight. On Saturday night, he is going to go with me to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting- I have to go to one for my drug addictions class and don't want to go alone. I'm glad that he agreed to come. I think it will be fun and interesting to go to it.
Welp, now I will turn off the computer and sit on my bum for a while.


inanechatter said...

That sucks. I don't think I've ever experienced a night where I couldn't get to sleep. I have experienced days when I couldn't get out of bed though. I'm glad your classes are going so well and that you get to see Kyle ;0)

becca said...

dear tye,
i woke up in the middle of the night last night, panicking that you were here and that i haven't seen you or that i might not see you. but i will see you and your little one! i'm glad that i have more time. so you saw my ol' man, huh? i don't know what he was talking about when he said i was delivering stuff...but whatevah. okay! i am going to see you. we are going to see each other.
<3, becca

millie's mother said...

there is no need to panick anymore. you will see us and we will see you. we will make this happen. now you can sleep peacefully once more. when are you free?
love you, tye