Thursday, April 19, 2007

it's not long now

welp, millie has been a sick one and now it's kyle's turn. it's totally the wrong time for kyle to be sick- i feel bad for that guy. his finals are coming up in a week and he really needs this time to study but instead he's spending a lot of time on the pot- as i'm sure he'd want you all to know. millie's feeling a little better and eating a little more now and that's good. when you have these little ones, you worry about what they eat and don't eat and i certainly hope she wants to eat more and more soon- she's always been a great eater and so it's wierd for her not to eat whatever i make for dinner.
today the weather was actually decent so we went for a walk. by sunday, it's actually supposed to get over 70, which is so amazing to me. the last couple of weeks, it's been under 40 most of the time.
so i'm going to utah next week to attend byu for spring semester. i'm excited to be with family and friends but i'm not too excited for the school part of the plan. i think i will also miss being with millie every second of every day- sounds funny, but as much as i'd like to have a break from her sometimes, when i do have one, i miss the little cutsie.
i want you all the know how awesome georgette heyer is. maybe you already know about her but i just discovered her recently. she is an author that wrote a lot of books very similar to the jane austin type. i just finished reading "sylvester" and i must say i have not enjoyed a book that much in so long- not that i've read a lot of books lately, but i must say that i love it love it love it. maecy wants to collect all the books georgette has written (over 60). maecy told me georgette also wrote some mystery novels- they ought to be fun too.
when i come to utah i want to do lots with lots of people. but i need to be organized with my time if i want to see a lot of people because when i went there for christmas, i assumed that because i was going to be there for a month that i would magically be everywhere i wanted to be and see everyone i wanted to see before i came back to michigan. but when i left, i realized there were things i would have liked to do and people i would have liked spend more time with.

i hope everyone enjoys their day.


smellame said...

Oh man, the sickies, I'm so sorry about them ickies! Ha! Okay, so I want to go to the library and check out some books by Georgette Heyer right now. It seems like Maecy may have told me about these books or I borrowed one once, but with my non-memory, who even knows. But I am mucho excited about it all I must say. I love you!

millie's mother said...

hey smelly. it seems that all of millie's sickies are gone and that kyle's are much improved. that's good news. but kyle's finals are coming up and he's oh so worried. it's a big deal, you know.
i am so happy you will be reading a georgette heyer- you will be enjoying yourself much. i love you too!