Monday, March 26, 2007

just another monday

tonight i went on a fantastic bike ride. the wind was blowing through my hair and that is quite the feeling. biking has always been one of my very favorite things to do- i used to go on what i called "high speed bike rides" along the Provo River trail back home. i had the same route i'd always take that was about 4.5 miles. the reason they were called "high speed bike rides" is because from the moment i got on the bike, i would ride as fast as a could the whole time and it was magnificent.
tonight after millie went to sleep, i finally got up the gumption to clean up my apartment a little bit- i think i'm the only one who really understands the significance of that accomplishment because i have lacked the motivation to do this thing for quite some time. i go through cycles where i want to be really clean for a while and then i don't want to be clean at all and everything piles up. usually the unclean spells last much longer than the clean ones. hopefully i can stay in the clean mode longer than tonight.
welp, got to go


inanechatter said...

Welcome to the world of blog! I look forward to reading your entries. Millie is so super cute! I'm excited you'll be coming here for the spring it will be so fun to see you.

cedar said...

Hi Tye. I love you

Shaylee said...

your blog is a really good idea. I should do it too. I miss millie =(