Thursday, March 29, 2007

I hope so

The sun is shining so very brightly today- what a dang blessing. yesterday i decided it was time to buy some sunblock for my silliest and i was shocked to see how blasted expensive it is- $10- what the heck! It's one of those things i always took for granted because my mom always had plenty in the closet but now i know that it costs money- poop. it's probably silly to some that i would find this to be such a shock, but there you have it, it was.
i have my weekly playgroup soon so i guess i better getoffmyduffandgetoutofmysillypajamasnow:). okay bye


nickerdoodle said...

woot. A new blog to add to my daily reading. I am very excited to have another way of keeping in touch with my most favorite.

smellame said...

I just had the same experience with sunblock. Shocked I tell you. And yippee for your blog!