Thursday, February 3, 2011

i have children

the title of this post is what i say out loud to kyle when things are going wild crazy in our home, or mainly when i feel crazy because i am a mother. "i have children." it's true, i do. they are amazing. and so much fun. the crazies come with the territory that is my life. i love it and it drives me crazy. would i trade it for some other life? no, i chose this lifepath when kyle and i decided to purposely infest our home with children and it's crazyandwonderfulandinsaneandbeautifulandhappyandsatisfyingandterrificandchallengingallthetimebringiton!

millie started preschool for the very first time this past monday. she Loves!! it!!! it is an 8 week program with the senior high school students teaching it for their early childhood education class. it's m,w,f from 9-11:00. i asked millie how she liked it when i went to pick her up. and she said, "mommy, i that school, they only play!" it was really cute. i think she was expecting them to make her sit down at a table and say and write the ABC's for 2 hours. she is happy to find that school can be educational and super fun. unfortunately, school usaully increases in boringness as a person ages. but she'll figure that out with time :) for now, she is enjoying the crafts, stories, activities,and tons of attention from the eagar to please 16-17 year old girls.

savannah is a cute cute handful (meaning she requires a lot of work but thank goodness she's cute)! she has recently become interested in the potty. she has sucessfully pooped in the contraption about 3 times in the last week and peed once. she doesn't really seem to comprehend what it's all about yet though, so i'm not super pushing it. i'm just kind of letting her be the boss of it right now (she's only 18 months old).
vanny (her new nickname from me) has now entered into "nursery." this is her first class without mommy and daddy and church. it's for kids 18mo-3 years old. she loves it! big sigh, because i teach the 5 year old class and because kyle is busy with his calling and wants to be able to enjoy his classes too (classes are enjoyable with a little one but you don't learn much).

kyle is a busy boy making all our dreams come true by working hard for me and my girls. :)

i am happy.


Kat said...

Look at that - the one time I read your blog is the one day you post! I think that sometimes too - children definitely make life crazy. Like when I thought I had things under control the other day and Sean spilled 3/4 GALLON of milk on the floor. Do you know how long that takes to mop up???
Anyway, so glad you found a school for Millie. My kids love school, too, and I love that they love it. Oh, and your haircut is so sophisticated! Don't know how long you've had it, but this is the first I've seen it.

Maecy said...

So glad that Vanny likes nursery and Millie is getting into school. Good thing that Kyle is a good prince making your dreams come true. What now? All your dreams fulfilled?

nicole said...

Its refreshing to hear that you are happy! Despite all of the trials and fun that comes along with mommyhood! I can't believe those pictures of millie & Vanny~they are getting so big. That old pic of Millie at Relay for Life is how I remember her!

Reed said...

Tye! Thanks for the good reports of your family. I plan to visit your life here more often now that you are saved in "My favorites." And you really are among my very favorites - all of you.