Friday, December 3, 2010

tid bits

today kyle is in indiana (i think!) for work (he travels a lot and sometimes i forget where he is-crazy!). me and the girls were talking to him this morning on the phone. savannah was holding the phone saying "hi" and "hello". i was telling kyle something about puggy. the next thing i knew, savannah was following puggy around trying to put the phone to her ear so she could talk to dad too. puggy has ears that flop over, so beeb was trying to open up her ears, turning them inside out and then proceeding to put the phone to her ear. good times.

earlier this week, it snowed for the first time here in kentucky. we didn't go out to play in it because we went to the library for storytime. later that day, all the snow had melted so we (specifically millie) have been waiting for more. this morning, to our delight, we woke up and saw snow outside the window. it wasn't even an inch (cause kentucky doesn't get much snow) but it was a good dusting. so we ate breakfast and cleaned up a bit and got dressed in our snow gear and out we went! the kiddos were delighted to play outside in the snow. millie wanted to throw snowballs at me so she would gather as much snow dust as she could and throw it at me. sometimes it didn't throw very well so she would just rub it on my pants. i think savannah's snow suit is a little bit too big but millie's fits great.

we also walked to the park because it wasn't way too cold like it's been for the last week. wee ha!

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nicole said...

Way to turn the cold into something fun! Glad the girls are enjoying the snow. =)