Monday, November 15, 2010

keeping my promises


I promised aunt kohleen that i would put up a blog last night, but it didn't happen. my excuse at that time was that i could't find the cord to upload pics onto the computer. i still have the same excuse tonight, plus it's past my bedtime, but i am doing this anyways, because a promise is a promise. and i've needed a reason to blog.

well, we are no longer residents of florida or utah, we are officially KENTUCKIANS! it was a bit of a culture shock to move here. we moved to a small town of 20,000 and people seem a little small townish and hickish and hill-billyish, etc. but that was what we thought when we went to the grocery store and walked down the street. now that we've been to the library and church, we have a better feel for the people, etc. we've begun to make friends and establish daily routines with out little ones. kyle's also been adjusting to work and figuring out how to use his time wisely.

millie is super excited to start a preschool program in january. she would have started in september but we didn't get here until the beginning of oct and it was already full. she packs her backpack everyday with paper and pens,etc. that she's getting ready to take with her to school.
millie is also a super good helper with savannah. can't think of any examples because i too tired :)

savannah is full of life and energy. she is very opinionated and wants to do everything herself. she also would choose for someone to tote her around 95% of the time. there seems to be an oxymoron going on here... she is not shy and is super smiley with people most of the time. as much as she is not shy, she is definitely very attached to her mama, much to her daddy's dismay (he can only get good cuddles with her if i'm not around)

i am the mom. this move has been the best one so far in the history of moves for me. when i moved to michigan, millie was 5 mo old and i was trying to finish up my degree from byu. when i moved to florida, i was done with school (thank heavens!) but i had a 3 week old baby to keep me busy and prevent me from getting much done. this time, i have no school and i don't have any newborns/very young babies. it is so awesome. i feel like i can get a few things done once in a while and it feels great to just be the mom. i am enjoying our home and have been happy thus far.

kyle is a busy man. he travels around kentucky and the states surrounding ky. he is a great husband and father and we are so blessed to have him! :)

and we must not forget to report that we adopted my parents pug dog. my parents appropriately named her puggy. we hesitated a lot about whether or not we should take on the responsibility of a dog. we are happy to report that we have no regrets. she is a part of our family now and it's fun to have a dog to greet us when we come home.

that is our family. done. i will report again sooner than you think. with pictures to come. you must cheer me on and hope i will find the cord and then take the effort to upload pictures... I CAN DO IT, YES I CAN, IF I DON'T DO IT, I'M NO ONE's FAN! that there is a weird little cheer to get me motivated :)


Maecy said...

k supernerd. I can tell you were tired at the end of that one. If there were anyone else around you would have been laughing hysterically with your mouth open as wide as can be. Glad everything's going well. You are also supercute :)

eebs said...

you can do it! thanks for the post, it's good to hear the move went well. yehaw for kentucky!

Lanell said...

Have you been able to get Millie accepted to preschool already? I'm glad she's excited. LANELL

Clark Family said...

Tye you are as wonderful as ever! Thanks for all your great updates! Millie is beautiful and Savannah is getting big and darling too!!! Keep up all your good work! love you!