Sunday, May 9, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we lost our camera :(. But, we now have a new one. It's not quite as nice as out old one but it will do. These past few weeks have been hectic. I had finals and Tye is of course always under pressure as a mom. However, Savannah did have her first Publix cookie and we went to Disney World after my third final. Savannah and Millie are so fun to be around. We could not imagine life without them and the laughs they allow us to enjoy.

Millie loves to sing to Savannah before bedtime. A couple of days ago she said that she was going to make up a special song for Savannah. She proceeded to belt out a song. When she was done she looked at me very seriously and told me I needed to write down the words. Here they are:

I'm a big sister
I'm a big sister
I have books
My baby has books
I love my family
My family has books
I'm a big sister
And I have a big sister shirt!

I wish I could have recorded the song and got the melody she sang with it. What a hoot.

Well here are some pictures from last week.

Millie, Savannah, and two cookies.

Boarding the Monorail at Epcot.

Flying high with Dumbo.

While Savannah and I went on Pirates of the Caribbean together, Millie got this little doohickey in her hair. She told Tye that she wanted it to be a surprise for Dad. How sweet.

Savannah deep in thought.

Loves to all!!


Maecy said...

Sorry bout the camera. Your kiddies are cute! I can't believe how different Savannah looks. I hope that you get something to record Millie with. I still get a kick out of listening to Tye's recording of "I think we're alone now"...

just nikki said...

Seriously, you need to record Millie's songs. Hilarious. Just like her mama.

Savannah looks so cute in that first picture with the cookie!

Reed said...

Thank's for the swell picture's!!

Jared said...

Yea for your cute girls! glad you guys are rockin' and I'm glad you can still get some cute pictures -even without that great camera...

Jared said...

oops that was from Candace

Anonymous said...

A couple of things...1)You have the two cutest kids in the world and 2)I love love love your haircut Tye!