Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here are some pictures of our trip to the UF Musuem of Natural History with Kyle's cousin Dani and her husband JR. They came to visit us about a week and a half ago and it was a lot of fun to spend some time with them.

Please note the pictures of Millie with a glass display of beads in the background and with American Indians in the back. She was really excited about these displays because she has recently been very interested in beads. We checked out a book at the library about beads and how they've been worn throughout history and still today. The book showed Native Americans wearing beads on clothing and as necklaces. The displays had really old beads and showed the native americans wearing them on their clothes.

I had to include the picture of Savannah by the keyboard because she has grown tall enough to reach up and play the keyboard. She wants to do it all the time, but I think she has the potential to pull it over on herself. Millie heard me talking about this and how I didn't want it to fall on the babe (as we often refer to her as- or as baby bana) and the next thing I knew, she was dragging the keyboard into the middle of the room. I couldn't understand why she would think this was okay, so I asked her why. She proceeded to tell me that if she dragged the keyboard over to Savannah's crib, that Savannah would be able to play it standing up in her crib without pulling it over onto herself. What a smartie pance (spelled this way intentionally)!! It worked and the two of them had so much fun. Millie climbed into the crib with her and they had an awesome jam-session. I was able to go get some cleaning and whatnot done around the house without either of them missing me at all :) I took some pictures of this fun, but I haven't downloaded them quite yet, so hopefully you will enjoy them soon.


JR and Dani said...

OH MY GOSH, my husband is SOOO adorable!! I know why I try to stay behind the camera!

Lanell said...

Oh Dani, you are sooo adorable too! As I've looked at all the fun pictures of my loved ones you've put on your blog lately, I've noticed all the current ones and previous posts of you and JR, and I think you are both really good looking and photogenic.

Tye THANK-YOU for the pictres and stories about Savannah and Millie. They really brighten my life!

just nikki said...

Awesome. Millie's excited face is crazy. And Baby Bana is getting huge!

smellame said...

What a happy little bunch of great people! What a smart helpfull Millie! And those smiley pictures of Savannah from the last post, man alive, cute!!