Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blank blank blank...

So I always imagine what I would write in a blog post when I'm not at my computer. I can always think of really amusing things, but as soon as I sit down at my computer, nothing ever comes to mind- at all. But here I am writing anyways.
I like the blossoms in the spring. There is this tree by Kyle's school with purple blossoms on it. It that wasn't cool enough, I noticed yesterday that it also has blossoms all over the trunk and the branches, not just on the stems. It's a beautiful site.
Today I walked back from a BBQ at Ave Maria (Kyle's law school) and noticed that the lilacs are soon going to bloom. Lilacs are a favorite flower of mine- they're beautiful and they smell wonderful.
Today is Kyle's last day of classes, so he'll be getting super busy studying for finals Tonight I will walk to the school to bring him dinner with a friend whose husband also goes to the school.
Okay, that will do it. Ta ta for now.


just nikki said...

Whew. I was beginning to think you'd never blog again. That blossom tree sounds wonderful. I love lilacs, but they seem to hate me. They show me how they feel about me by giving me allergies.

smellame said...

Tye! Pretty much I never ever know what to write, but I get so needful to hear from people with their commments that I make myself write like whatevah, hopeful that someone will leave a comment on my little nothings. But lots of times I sit for a while and just give up. And I always want to leave comments on other's blogs, but often can't think of anything that I think is good enough, clever, whatever. So thank you for the updating of the blog, because it is so wonderful to read, and makes me mucho happy.

becca said...

oh my, how wonderful is it that you posted? wonderful! the reason why it is so wonderful is because the trees here are blossoming for spring as well, and i have actually taken lots of pictures of the blossoms---with the motivation of sending them to you pushing my trigger finger on the camera. i think i will actually send them to you this weekend, i have other pictures that i wanted to show you, too.

also, i remember with exceeding fondness the time we drove around and filled up your parent's trunk with lilacs. FILLED IT!! and that car had a really big trunk. the bean.

sigh. i miss you!

<3, <3, becca

millie's mother said...

nikki- yes, i have not given up on blogging just yet
melanie- i'm glad it makes you happy when i post. now that i've realized how much joy it brings to the lives of my loved ones, maybe i will post more often. yes? yes.
becca- you made me laugh when you brought resplendent memories back to my mind about the many adventures we had in that bean. we should make some sort of log (ha ha) about all the aventures we can remember. let's keep that thought in mind. we had the best of times (nik and mel, you guys were there many a time too, so start thinking of the good times). also, becca, i'm looking forward to the pictures- now that you've told me about your plans to send them, you can't let me down by not :)
love is in the air for you 3 girls!

just nikki said...

You should write at least one post about your week with the parents. With pictures!

smellame said...

Tye, you probably won't even get this, so I don't know why I am posting it here rather than a more logical place, like an email or facebook. Probably because I am lazy and was already looking at blogs and didn't want to have to navigate myself another place. Oh man, am I really this pathetic. At times I am I suppose. Anyway, I just wanted to say happy anniversary dang it! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (flag day, right)? Ha wouldn't that be funny if it totally isn't the right day? Well, love you. Hope you are well!

millie's mother said...

melly! you are so awesome to wish me a happy aniversary! i love you woman!