Monday, February 18, 2008

A life in the day of Tye

(note the title of this blog and how I messed it up- good times...)
Here is a brief synopsis of my day today, being Monday...

7:30- wakes up to the sounds of Millie
get Millie out of her diaper and into panties
sit on the potty so that Millie will sit on her little potty
listen to the sounds of Millie on the pot
8:15- time for Millie to go potty again
9:00- potty again
9:30- take Kyle to school
go to grocery store
- Millie potty at grocery store
10:00- put away groceries
- Millie potty
10:45- arrive at the Hands-On Museum in down town Ann Arbor (a way fun place for kiddos)
- Millie potty
11:45- Millie potty
- leave museum
12:00- feed Millie a PB & J on whole wheat bread with milk
12:30- Millie potty
1:00- Millie's nap (yeah! we use a diaper for nap time- otherwise, I don't think she'd have time to fall asleep before she needed to go pee again)
2:45- Arrival of Ben (3) and Lydia (1) Duckworth for me to babysit for an hour
3:00- Millie wakes up
Millie back in panties and potty again
3:45- Millie potty
4:30- Millie potty
say goodbye to Ben and Lydia
start making dinner which was stir-fry--- Millie loves stir-fry and we have a good time cutting up the veggies- I give her a butter knife and the scraps from the veggies and she has a good time stabbing them while I do the real cutting)
5:15- Millie potty
5:30- eat dinner (without Kyle because he had a late class tonight)
6:15- Millie potty- this time it was something real messy and real stinky so she went into the bath afterwards
6:30- bath
found out Kyle will be staying at school until late tonight to finish an assignment- this way he can come home early tomorrow and spend a couple hours with Millie and I- this will be great because Millie misses her busy daddy)
7:00- to bed (diaper on for night-time)
7:00-8:00- made phone calls to people about random things, sent emails for primary and my Thursday playgroup, and to my friend about doing yoga this week, etc.
8:00-8:15- read the Book of Mormon- I'm glad that Nephi listened to the Lord instead of his brothers even though they were so brutal sometimes.
8:15-9:00- cleaned (dishes, laundrey, pick up toys, etc)
9:07- writing this line in this blog
Rest of the night... Do yoga with videotape of Rodney Yee and then go to bed...

Now do you feel like potty training a child? That's what I thought... The hardest part is how sore my back is from bending over to help her 50 times a day. But I suppose it will be worth it. I've heard that most children this young cannot hold it any longer than Millie so I guess this is to be expected.

Wee ha!


millie's mother said...

At times like this, I find it necessary to comment on my own blog. I would just post a new one, but I feel like this blog needs a couple more days because of how life-encompassing this highlighted topic is in my life right now. My back hurts pretty bad right now.

inanechatter said...

Lol. It sounds like potty training is a lot of work. Think of all the diapers you won't be changing though and someday (hopefully soon) she'll be able to hold it longer.

Sarah said...

Way to go Tye!! I am impressed you got so much done with her doing her thing all day!! I don't know if I left the house!

just nikki said...

Kids are great! Hardest job I've ever heard of, potty training a child.

smellame said...

Hi to you Tye! I hope the potty training is coming along. You are such a good mom. I will need to take lessons from you I think.

cedar said...

millie pottie.
hee hee I love it.

Beth said...

Tye, do you miss me?
Thanks for the post, it's awesome! You're so much better at potty training than I am. I liked seeing what you did this day. You make it sound like you got stuff done, which I don't always feel about myself.
Also, I thought it was the BEST idea ever to let Millie cut the vegetable scraps with a butter knife while you worked. I'm totally going to try that with Clara and the boys. Thanks for the tip!
Anyway, I thought you should link to my blog and then to Megan Williams, because yesterday she found out she is pregnant with twins!!!!!

hsjulien said...

Too Funny and too true I bet. We got Scarlet a potty and she loves loves loves to sit on it. That's about it though. She hasn't exactly connected the potty is for going potty. I keep thinking I'm gonna put her in panties and sit her on it all day and see if we can't make something happen...and that's as far as I get. You are fun Tye we miss you guys!